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Headwaters Search draws upon a far-reaching network of professional connections to better serve the Twin Cities businesses, attracting, evaluating, and placing senior, executive, and C-suite financial talent.


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We are Minneapolis recruiters with 20-plus years of experience in high-level retained executive search.

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Depth Finder The Engaged Search and Recruitment Process

Our search and recruitment process is designed to discover and tap into the reservoir of top tier talent in the marketplace, whether or not they are actively charting the waters for their next career move. Our thorough and in-depth approach ensures the individual that is selected accepts the offer and becomes a key player with our client company.

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Step 1

Meet with our client and their hiring team to probe deeper and get a sharper understanding of the role.

Step 2

Establish and agree upon a job description which includes observable and measurable performance requirements (KPIs).

Step 3

Agree upon the individual traits that will ensure a strong cultural fit.

Step 4

Create a Positive Job Profile (PJP) that ignites the interest of tier one talent.

Step 1

We execute a targeted research strategy, utilizing our 360 degree market knowledge to identify potential candidates.

Step 2

Headwaters breaks the surface, making contact and strategically presenting the Positive Job Profile, marketing the position and our client's brand to the prospect.

Step 3

Our recruiters make follow up contact, testing the waters and gauging the candidates reaction, exploring their background and uncovering their motivation to make a change.

Step 4

We spend more time with the prospect, conducting sessions of behavioral interviews, determining technical and communication skills, as well as assessing any problem areas.

Step 1

We present our client with a short list of tier one candidates who are fully vetted and committed to pursuing the opportunity.

Step 2

Bringing our in-depth knowledge of the candidates to bear, we assist in the internal interview process.

Step 3

We take a full measure of the candidate, conducting detailed reference checks that inquire about the specific skills required for the position.

Step 4

Headwaters assists in the development and extension of a highly competitive and attractive job offer.

Step 1

A 30 and 90 day follow up is conducted with both client and candidate to ensure expectations are being met and there are no post-hire surprises.

Step 2

Debrief with client team to discuss recruiting and hiring process to determine any refinements needed for future projects.

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