David Dodge, CPC

A Client-Centric Solution

Tax Manager


Headwaters Search filled a senior tax manager position for a client firm. We did so on a contingent basis. Following this successful search, the client called in Headwaters and initiated a collaborative planning session. Together, we revealed multiple future staffing needs would emerge in both their accounting and IT departments within the coming year.


Our client previously searched for a hiring solution that would fill their hiring needs while keeping their hiring budget within acceptable parameters. Our client partner had used multiple outside search firms for contingent searches, accepted internal referrals, and relied upon other traditional methods for locating and securing talent. All of these previous methods could not meet our client’s hiring needs.


Headwaters Search created a customized preferred client solution that could address their hiring need by working closely and collaboratively with the director of our client’s tax department and the head of human resources.

Our client agreed to pay us a low monthly retainer, enabling the commitment of resources to concentrate solely on our client’s current and future openings. Upon successful placement, Headwaters was paid a search fee that was less than the traditional contingent fee.


Since the Preferred Client Agreement was put into place, approximately a dozen tax and IT manager positions have been filled. All placed candidates are still with the firm and several have received promotions.

The preferred client solution developed during this search is now in place and serving the hiring needs of several Headwaters Search customers.

David Dodge, CPC

With over twenty years of executive search and thirty years of business leadership experience in public and private companies, David Dodge has filled positions with many financial industry leaders and forerunners.

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