Industry - Finance

A talent stream that effectively understands your business.

As a dedicated Minneapolis-St. Paul finance recruiter we keep a consistent watch on our business community, ensuring accurate experience-driven perspectives and real-time market knowledge drive every action we take on behalf of our client partners. We know the professional terrain and how to best identify that financial talent ready to take the next step in their professional journey.

Our recruitment network has been designed and developed to deliver high-level financial talent to businesses and organizations through the Twin Cities. We are the Minneapolis-St. Paul finance recruiter with over twenty years of specialized talent management experience and a deeper understanding of the geography to consistently and effectively build those specialized financial teams essential to the growth of your business.

We work with you, maintaining those long-standing professional relationships that allow our firm to consistently deliver those people who provide company leadership, enable sustained financial growth and strengthen your culture.

Positions we actively and routinely fill

Every connection, every successful search and value-added placement adds to our client-partners’ capabilities. Our experience and real-time knowledge of this space allows Headwaters Search to be your end-to-end finance recruiter.

  • Banking Officer
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • CFO
  • VP of Finance
  • Controller