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How We Work

Fill Your Position With the Ideal Candidate.

In today’s world, finding experienced, qualified people is not easy. Job boards are filled with fluff, social media has turned into nothing but noise, and networking is a shot in the dark.

That said, the perfect candidates ARE out there. We know this firsthand.

Choosing Headwaters Search as your recruiting partner will give you access to the passive, hidden, yet ideal candidates you need to fill your critical positions. Our approach is different from the typical recruiting firm, because we are constantly recruiting talent in our market niches, identifying potential candidates that are open to hearing about new opportunities. This gives us a head start in identifying potential matches.

And our partnership doesn’t stop there. We serve as experienced advisors through the entire interview and hiring process. We’re about creating positive, long-lasting matches for key positions, and we never disappoint.

You can work with us three different ways: