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Engaged search. Customized hiring solutions.

The Headwaters Engaged Search Solution is a process designed to streamline the search and recruitment of senior level accounting and finance talent for leadership positions in small to mid-size companies. Our process reduces costs and time-to-hire while creating a competitive advantage for clients looking to secure tier-one talent.

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Analyzing your unique hiring needs

We meet with your hiring team, getting to know your people and your organization to better understand your culture and the needs of the role, and determine those observable and measurable performance requirements that top candidates must possess to be considered.

From these discussions we create a Positive Job Profile – a marketing document that is designed to generate candidate interest in the company and opportunity.

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Engaging in an experience-driven talent search

Our specialized sourcing develops a list of potential prospects, makes initial contact, identifies viable candidates, and introduces these professionals to the Positive Job Profile. Follow-up contact is made to determine the candidate’s motivation and to probe further into their background, skills, and cultural compatibility.

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Presenting our findings and ensuring the right fit

We present you with a concise list of those tier-one candidates who are exceptional fits for the role and committed to making a change for your unique opportunity. Headwaters will assist your in-house interview efforts and conduct reference checks for finalist candidates, meant to ensure those observable and measured requirements are present in past performance.

Once our team and yours are satisfied that the candidate selected will exceed expectations and meet every crucial requirement, we will assist in developing your offer and presenting it to the candidate.

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Monitoring your successful placement

Following a successful placement and onboarding process, Headwaters Search will conduct a 30- and 90-day follow-up to ensure candidate expectations are being met and that there are no post-hire issues.

In addition, we debrief the hiring team and discuss their hiring process experience, gathering data to make refinements for future searches.