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C-Suite, Corp Dev / M&A, Finance

Chief Revenue Officer

Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro

14 + Years

Profile Date

February 12, 2024

Area of Expertise

Investment Analysis, Executive Leadership, Sales and Marketing Strategy

Experience Duration

Extensive experience in leadership and investment roles, spanning over a decade

Professional Profile:

A highly experienced executive with a proven track record in identifying and capitalizing on investment opportunities within the technology, manufacturing, and business service sectors. Demonstrates exceptional skill in financial analysis, negotiation, and leading high-caliber teams to achieve significant revenue growth. This candidate has successfully managed sales functions, led marketing strategy developments, and played a key role in company acquisitions and sales, showcasing adeptness in executive leadership across various industries.


  • Strategic investment search and analysis
  • Executive leadership and team management
  • Sales and marketing leadership
  • Negotiation and deal structuring
  • Revenue growth strategy and execution

Career Highlights

  • Led the acquisition and growth strategy of a company, resulting in a 19.3% CAGR in profitable revenue over tenure.
  • Managed comprehensive sales and marketing teams, significantly contributing to the company’s market expansion.
  • Directed successful merger and acquisition processes for middle-market companies, displaying prowess in negotiation and deal closing.


  • MBA, Major US Business School
  • Associate in Science, Economics & Environmental Studies


  • Managing Partner at a niche investment firm
  • Chief Revenue Officer at a media services company
  • Managing Director and Vice President at a capital group, focusing on M&A

Systems Experience

Proficient in advanced financial analysis and marketing strategy development tools

Open To

Senior executive roles that leverage expertise in investment analysis, strategic growth, and leadership within dynamic and growth-oriented environments.

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