Featured Talent

C-Suite, Sales / Customer Success

Senior Customer Success Executive

Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro

17+ years

Profile Date

January 26, 2024

Area of Expertise

Customer Success Management, Strategic Leadership in Software Solutions, M&A Integration

Experience Duration

17+ years in executive leadership roles

Professional Profile:

A seasoned executive with an impressive history in customer success, this candidate excels in enhancing customer experiences and driving substantial revenue growth within the software industry. Skilled in M&A integration and global operations, they have successfully led initiatives that resulted in significant annual recurring revenue and customer retention, demonstrating exceptional leadership and strategic vision.


  • Leading Customer Success and Retention Strategies
  • Driving Revenue and Margin Growth
  • Strategic Integration of M&A Acquisitions
  • Global Team and Operations Management
  • Enhancing Customer Experience in Software Industry

Career Highlights

  • Instrumental in growing company revenue significantly over a decade.
  • Successfully retained a high volume of annual recurring revenue, achieving substantial year-over-year growth.
  • Pioneered initiatives for centralizing customer feedback, leading to exceptional net retention rates.
  • Played a key role in healthcare-focused acquisitions and transition to SaaS model.


Master’s and Bachelor’s in Health-Related Fields

Industry Experience

Software, Healthcare

Company Fit

Suited for senior leadership roles in dynamic, customer-centric organizations

Management Experience

Proven record of leading large teams and managing significant budgets

Systems Experience

Skilled in various data analytics and CRM platforms

Open To

Roles that utilize expertise in customer success, business development, and organizational leadership

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