Featured Talent

C-Suite, Corp Dev / M&A

Senior Executive in Global Operations

Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro

10+ years

Profile Date

February 13, 2024

Area of Expertise

Global Operations, Franchise Strategy, International Business Expansion

Experience Duration

Extensive experience in executive roles spanning over a decade.

Professional Profile:

A high-impact executive with experience leading global operations, franchise development, and international business expansion, primarily with B2B and B2C businesses with multi-unit locations.


  • International Operations and Expansion
  • Franchise Strategy Development and Execution
  • Creating and Managing High-Performance Teams
  • Strategic Business Partnerships and Negotiations
  • Revenue Growth and Operational Efficiency

Career Highlights

  • Successfully led the expansion of a global coworking business, significantly increasing its international footprint.
  • Implemented a franchising strategy that mitigated risks and facilitated international growth.
  • Managed large-scale operations across diverse international markets, achieving notable efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Spearheaded multiple successful partnerships and acquisitions, creating substantial value for the organization.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Management

Industry Experience

Real Estate, Coworking Spaces, International Business

Company Fit

Ideal for roles that require expertise in national expansion & operations, franchise development, and strategic growth initiatives.

Management Experience

Proven leadership in managing cross-functional international teams and large-scale projects.

Systems Experience

Knowledgeable in operational and management systems relevant to both early-stage startups and enterprise level infrastructure.

Open To

Leadership roles in global operations, expansion strategies, and innovative business development.

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