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Headwaters Search specializes in the location, evaluation, acquisition, and retention of accounting, finance, and C-suite candidates who have defined themselves through an unquestionable commitment to excellence, unrivaled professional passion, and undeniable success within their field.

Our reputation as a Twin Cities accounting and finance recruiter—a trusted resource for talent and leadership that fits the goals and culture of our clients—is based upon a record of service synonymous with success and client satisfaction.

Every engagement and action is tightly focused on filling those specific needs for the Twin Cities-based companies that partner with us. Over 20 years of recruitment and consulting experience have provided us with perspectives and the resources to engage even the most specialized accounting and finance hiring obstacles.


Our absolute and undivided attention

When you are seeking to fill a position that is vital to the continued success of your business, it must be done urgently, confidentially and with great precision. These positions affect the growth of your organization and it's long-term health and sustainability.

When Headwaters Search is retained by a client, we put the full weight of our resources into play, forging ahead and engaging the hiring market, committed to successfully completing your search above all others with a singular focus.

Under our retainer agreement, our search process and your new key hire's successful fit are both guaranteed.


Mitigating the risks you take

When the positions you need to fill are not quite as critical to the future of your organization and a bit less urgent, contingent searches may be the perfect road to acquiring stand-out talent. It is a flexible option suited for small and growing businesses.

With our Contingent Search option, Headwaters Search taps into our existing network of known candidates who have the skillset, motivation and cultural fit you require. When we find an exceptional candidate who matches your requirements, your new hire's success is guaranteed for thirty days or we repeat the process at no additional charge.

Contract staffing

Meeting your unexpected hiring needs

We have a network of professionals who are open to short-term and project-based engagements. No matter the position or the technical requirements, we can utilize our dedicated and expanding network to fill those vital roles as you need them when you need them—CFO’s, Controllers, Accounting and other Finance Professionals, and more.

We can provide the skills you need for your contract engagement on an hourly or project basis.