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Why Us?

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Why Us?

Why Hire Headwaters Search to Fill Your Twin Cities Recruitment Needs?

One word: results.

Really, it’s that simple. We get results.

How do we do this? By specialization, and a decidedly firm commitment to NOT be all things to all people.

Headwaters Search specializes in three distinct types of professionals. Technical Sales, Engineering & Operations,  and Accounting & Finance Professionals. That’s it – we don’t engage in any other types of search and placement. And while we know that limits how many people contact us over a given day, it also ensures that every engagement and action by us is tightly focused on filling those specific needs for the Twin Cities based companies who hire us. We know these types of positions backwards and forwards, and better still, we know who can effectively fill them. The cherry on top? We’re well-versed in the local landscape and business community / executive recruitment. Minneapolis-St. Paul is unique, and we love it, but it isn’t for everyone. So we’ll make sure your candidate is a fit for you and our one-of-a-kind area as well.

You could say we’re a master of three trades, and parted ways with Jack a few decades ago (he didn’t like the cold.)

About Headwaters Search

We’re owned and operated by David Dodge, CPC. David is an experienced professional in the Twin Cities recruitment industry, and founded Headwaters Search in 2013. With thirty plus years as a senior executive (most spent in the Twin Cities, with brief stints in Boston and Chicago), David has countless industry contacts and colleagues, and has a deft understanding of how effective the right person in the right position can impact a firm. He has a business degree from The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, holds Personnel Consultant and Cloud Computing Certifications, has served on boards, including the Advisory Board for the Center of Human Resources and Labor Studies at the Carlson School and as a guest lecturer on subject of recruiting.

Headwaters Search provides personalized, dedicated personnel consulting services to Twin Cities based companies who wish to add technical and professional-level talent. We help fill positions with the perfect candidate, and we help experienced, talented professionals make smart and successful career moves. By utilizing a constant “reach-out” program to passive candidates in our recruiting niches, we can quickly identify potential matches that will put the right individual in front of the right opportunity.

Our track record is exceptional. 70% of the candidates we place have established 4+ year careers with their new companies, and 40% of them have been promoted to leadership positions. Our ROI is off the charts.

If you are a hiring manager with a tough position to fill, or an experienced professional ready to make a critical career move, please contact us. We’re ready, willing, and extremely able to help you.