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Online Interview Tips

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In this age of digital connectivity, online interviews have become the norm, and they’re not limited to entry-level positions. You could find yourself interviewing for a C-suite position over Zoom or Teams. While the basics of interview preparation remain the same, there are some crucial additional steps to ensure your online interview is a resounding success.

  1. Professional Attire Matters: Just because it’s a virtual meeting doesn’t mean you should dress any less professionally. Dress as you would for an in-person interview, from head to toe. You never know when you might need to stand up or adjust your camera.
  2. Thorough Company Research: Researching the company is a must, whether you are interviewing in person or remotely. Understand the company’s culture, recent news, and its online presence. Tailor your answers to demonstrate how you align with their values and goals.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice: Rehearsing potential questions is always beneficial but especially vital for online interviews. Practice answering common interview questions, and consider recording yourself to assess your tone, body language, and responses.
  4. Create Your Own Questions: Remember to prepare insightful questions of your own. Show your genuine interest in the role and the company by asking about their long-term vision, expectations for the position, and how they measure success.
  5. Optimize Your Environment: Your physical surroundings can play a role in online interviews. Ensure you have good lighting, ideally in front of you, not behind you. Choose a quiet, distraction-free area where you won’t be interrupted. Silence or put away any noisy pets, and let your family or housemates know about the interview.
  6. Test Your Tech: Well before the interview, test your equipment. Check your camera, microphone, and speakers. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Familiarize yourself with the video conferencing platform, and test the link provided by the interviewer.
  7. Backup Plan: Murphy’s Law has a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times. Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties. Share your phone number with the interviewer if you need to switch to an audio-only call or reconnect if your internet drops.
  8. Non-Verbal Communication: Online interviews may limit face-to-face interaction, but your non-verbal cues still matter. Have your device at eye level. And make sure to maintain eye contact with the camera, not your own image on the screen. Sit up straight, use hand gestures sparingly, and smile when appropriate.
  9. Prepare Your Space: Arrange your workspace to be clean and professional-looking. Remove any clutter or personal items that may distract the interviewer. Have a notepad and pen ready for taking notes.
  10. Punctuality is Key: Just like in-person interviews, arrive on time. Log in a few minutes early to ensure everything is working correctly.

Remember, whether the interview is in-person or remote, the hiring team is evaluating your qualifications as well as your communication skills and interview style. Following these steps will help you put your best foot forward and ensure a smooth and impressive online interview experience. Good luck!

David Dodge, CPC

With over twenty years of executive search and thirty years of business leadership experience in public and private companies, David Dodge has filled positions with many financial industry leaders and forerunners.

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