| David Dodge, CPC

Time for a Change?


As you can see from my below photo and the attached picture, I’ve recently gone through a change in my personal appearance. Not sure what possessed me to do this. The beard certainly doesn’t make me look any younger. (The last time I had any facial hair was back when mustaches and disco were fashionable). But I felt I needed to shake things up a bit, and my appearance seemed a good place to start. Along with this change, I have incorporated a few personal improvement and business initiatives to generate additional positive momentum in my life.

How about you? Have you ever felt mired in a personal or professional rut for some time and just can’t seem to break out of it? Consistency and perseverance are great business skills and good life strategies. But, when you’ve been experiencing less than optimal results for a lengthy period, it may be time for you to make some adjustments.  

A change of routines, a new wardrobe or appearance, or adding a new approach to your personal diet or fitness regimen can have a positive effect. However, if your career or business is not heading in the right direction, you could benefit from making a bigger move – a new job or a new key hire.

Don’t get me wrong. One shouldn’t decide to change companies, positions, or add a key employee as easily as one would decide to grow a beard. But, if you are not getting the ROI you expect from your current situation, if you feel you could be experiencing better financial results, or if you long for a better work/life balance, then it’s time to take steps to explore your options. 

If you’re at that juncture, contact me and let’s make your next change a great one!

David Dodge, CPC

With over twenty years of executive search and thirty years of business leadership experience in public and private companies, David Dodge has filled positions with many financial industry leaders and forerunners.

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